Wednesday, August 12, 2015

No One Word can describe...

We didn`t bother watching the latest Public Information Film… After all, every week there was a different one, warning us pointlessly about misuse of zebra crossings, the dangers of ladders or how to keep your microbes to yourself with a handkerchief...

Why should this one be any more important?

We were wrong.

Little did we know back in those halcyon days that we were being watched, watched and studied by creatures with brains unimaginably greater than ours, with technology far beyond our own feeble capabilities and with plans… plans for us and for our planet.

"Man as the dominant species of life on earth will be extinct within a year" whispered the government rumours. And we laughed.

We snorted with derision when they urged us to stay in our homes for this would be a "...grim battle for survival!"

George and his comrades didn`t listen – should we think them brave, or merely foolhardy?

To the group it was just another walk… another chance to roam beautiful countryside, to revel in the glories of Nature. But nature can be
red in tooth and claw if you stray over Certain Boundaries.

How could they have known? An ordinary fence, a stile like any other – no-one noticed they were being followed...

Until the creatures started getting restless:

In fact anyone can see these beasts were quite hysterical - the unfortunate white-head brutally shouldered in the crush; the black-head driven wild by some fiendish marking on her brow (the significance of which one dare not guess at); the brown-head with staring, frenzied eyes, scrabbling to keep up.

Next time they looked back they thought there was… something… different but they didn`t understand the effects of interplanetary spores, didn`t realise that the Nameless Horror could transmute!

It would get worse, the Nameless not only transmuting but also multiplying until these innocent walkers would be Infested by swarms of nightmare creatures.

We have no word from those bold walkers.  But there`s talk of a new Public Information Film having been released and this time, We`ll Watch It.


JW10 said...

T rembling under the bed
H iding from 12am to 12pm
E nduring major dread
M enaced by Them

Beware all walkers out there. There's Terror, Horror, Excitement and, Mystery aplenty. Them are multiplying at 78 rpm.

Oh yeah, morning Dolores. Happy Sunday to you.

Dolores Doolittle said...

Hi JW - fiendish clever poem there! Did you watch the clip? I thought it was jolly exciting and feel moved to watch Youtube`s offering of The Whole Thing (from behind the settee).
Or I`d be happy just to put on Repeat the part where the pavement throngs all Stop Immediately to hearken to the speakers of Doom, gazing heavenwards for further instruction.

Wouldst we but couldst get films like that any more... What`s your Oldest favourite? (And no, I wasn`t old enough to watch that one when it came out).

JW10 said...

Hi DD,

The clip was quite long for a trailer but I did make it right thru to the Terror, Horror, excitement, mystery blurb. Scary stuff.
Not seen Them! but like you may watch it on YT.

Just the other day I watched (courtesy of TCM TV channel)The Masque of the Red Death starring Vincent Price. Amazing how even though these films are "dated" they can still scare.

(Drum Roll please)

I have successfully subscribed to the e-mail posts of All The Days...
As our good friend CI was wont to say- Yippee!

Dolores Doolittle said...

Subscribed?! Oh JW, how exceeding kind of you - I shall PostPostPost! - A supremely scary thought.

Ahh, The Masque of the Red Death - what a delight. As was The Pit and The Pendulum, another riveting Edgar Allan Poe with Vincent Price. In the sixties, it is rumoured, such films were shown constantly on Ordinary TV`s at One in the morning and were extremely popular. I`ll wager.

My favourite ghost story still is Turn of the Screw - the governess and her haunted charges and Peter Wyngarde. d`you know it? It scared the hell out of me just listening to the crystal set version.

JW10 said...

Hello Dolores,

I have heard of Turn of the Screw and thanks to the good people over at Project Gutenberg I have downloaded the book onto my kindle (the film will be too scary for me).

My wife badgered me into reading the current number 1 bestseller, The Girl on the Train, which I am halfway through. Your book will be next in line.

Dolores Doolittle said...

Project Gutenberg - thought it was a merry jape about evil scientists but I google (yes! sorry) it`s a sterling plan to bring reading to the universe - you won`t regret getting Turn of the Screw. The ancient Deborah Kerr Peter Wyngarde film, I see was renamed The Innocents. Extremely relieved, because I`d been Confused...

I must Gutenberg The Girl on the Train - it sounded very gripping on the radio last week, but I only heard two episodes. What Happens in the End, one wonders...

JW10 said...

Morning D,

A good few years ago I watched a Marlon Brando film called The Nightcomers which I have just found out is a prequel to Turn of the Screw. Can't remember anything about the movie and in two minds to watch that first or read the book.

Girl on a Train was a bit of a disappointment. There have been a few lousy number ones that topped the charts. Mr Blobby, Barbie Girl, Never gonna give you up, the Ketchup Song, Mull of Kintyre...

Dolores Doolittle said...

Hi JW. Astonished to hear of a Prequel to Turn of the Screw. Have of course just Bing`d it and slightly put off by talk of Violence & Stuff - do let me know if you watch it. Marlon Brando is generally splendid...

Must be wonderful to be an actor, convincing in many parts. Did you ever see `3rd Rock from the Sun` on TV? Fantastic American comedy about a group of aliens investigating Earth by taking on earthling forms. John Lithgow was the father form and brilliantly funny, but he`s been in zillions of films where he`s evil & cold or serious & dynamic, and convincing in every one. I love him.

JW10 said...

Hi DD, The Nightcomers does have some "moments" if you know what I mean. Brando is one of my faves. He had an interesting life and career.

Missed "3rd Rock". I watch dozens of TV shows but, like everybody, just can't fit them all in. Recently, I read a good article in Time magazine about the multitude of US TV dramas that are showing. The writer said that just to watch this season's offerings on the various networks (cable etc.) would take years to do. Therefore, some great performances slip through the net.

Dolores Doolittle said...

Well I must get a Cable immediately! and a nice cup of cocoa