Tuesday, October 19, 2010


What makes a man Irresistible?

Great sense of humour? Pulsating brain? Bulgy brave biceps and a sixpack, or Lots of money? YES! - All of those!

And so inevitably, I fell for Earl Okin the moment I first saw him – twenty years ago performing at The Stables in Milton Keynes.

Oh Thrilling memory! How he entertained us with his clever songs - his deep sexy growl, the words that… Understood and went deep to the Heart of us, throbbing with witty passion.

It has been an everlasting love.

And now we discover that He’s coming to France in December! Oh the Joy, once more to see him lope sinuously onto the stage in those... hunky spectacles and cheeky spats.

Oh! Soon to gaze upon his handling of a guitar… that Trumpetty thing he does with his lips…

I feel compelled to share the Power and Thrill that is Earl Okin, so I’ve succeeded (at last) in posting a video clip. Sadly it’s full of blonde women feverishly pouting at him – Fools - They're too late!

Because Earl and I are made for each other – we’re so alike it’s quite terrifying.

So - What d'you think?

(I suppose Harrison Ford comes a close second)...