Saturday, August 20, 2016

Wow! - Surely you`ve been working out...

Well, yes I have – does it show?
Indeed it does – when I got home from my first session George thought I`d been mugged.
But Pchaw to Beginners` Pain - it won`t always feel like this (they insist) so just Keep Going!

Why did I start going, though - I`ve never liked exercise and have hung grimly on to my figure with simple determination...

But these days it`s not enough to be Fab – you have to be FIT too, specially if you want to fend off the maladies of agedness.  (Aeons away though they may be).

Beach Ready, for example, doesn`t just mean squeezing into your cossie, it means running into the sea with a lilo round your neck ready to save someone...

With such thoughts in mind, I had a very encouraging chat with a young woman in the nearby sports outlet store, after which I bought mat, weights and tracksuit and found a gym for the fun and super-toning of Pole Dance.

I don`t know where this person did hers, but everyone else in my class was twenty-two and wearing teeny-pants.

However, they were very kind and helpful, and generous with their pole-sharing.  And after a
n hour I knew I`d cracked it!

Strangely, they urged me instead towards Starter-Pilates, which I must admit was enjoyable and educational (I mean – do You know how to find your Core Strength?); and also Flexi-Punch (loved this, and now I`m floating very like a butterfly).

I`ve been training for Four Weeks now, am at the pinnacle of my physical prowess and feel weirdly at one with the Rio Olympians. 

For this New Me I`d like to thank my inspirational gym, my lovely husband, and whoever invented SweatBeGone leggings.

But what next?  How can I satisfy this sudden Need for a new challenge?

Ah Hah...