Friday, July 17, 2009

Bigger and Shinier


Thanks to Super-Kind and Wonderful Jon Doust's further efforts to help, (then George doing it when I Still couldn't follow Jon's instructions) BEHOLD the Golden Blog Award!!


Dolores Doolittle said...

In my excitement, I forgot to reiterate that this Chain Award was brought to me by Jon Doust of THE (splendid) VENDEE BLOG, and that I shall be passing it on to the hilarious 130 CARTONS A LONDON

(simple clicks from Blogs-I-like)

Expat said...

Oh, well deserved Dolores! And well done George, too (isn't it nice to hae a handy feller around?) You do get to keep it on display,at least for a while, don't you?

I checked out 130 Cartons...but my last French lesson was back in the ice age so the humour is lost on me, I'm afraid.

Canary Islander said...

Dolores, this is such lovely news!

Yippee! Wow!! Awesome!!!

PS. Framing the award may be a bit tricky... might be a good idea to check with George first!

Dolores Doolittle said...

Thank you Loads, Expat & Canary.

As it took such a long time to get it on display, Expat, it would be very cruel to Remove the damn (but beautiful) thing.

Canary, you give me an idea - I shall print it out, Frame it, and stick it in our front window!

I'm very concerned I won't succeed in passing it on to 130 Cartons... Her 16 July post, by the way Expat, means "July Showers" (I've just looked up 'giboulées').
'What a great day for shopping', then she gets deluged, and finally runs into Jolly Brit who thinks it Really Is...

Lili said...

Thank you Dolores for the award you want to give to 130 cartons à London although I don't understand all about it!
Also, thank you for translating my blog to your friends, I will soon work on an full translation of the blog in English as many friends in London are asking for it.
Thanks again, I didn't know you had your own blog and I like it very much!
Lili Bé

Dolores Doolittle said...

Hello Lili of the 130 Cartons, and thank you greatly.

Yes, this prize is baffling. Nevertheless, I do hope you'll be able to display it on one of your blog posts, for it Is Beautiful!

Canary Islander said...

I’ve been bursting to chat about Awards, and boasting about the trillions of awards I’ve won, but I thought I’d wait a bit since this blog is all about YOUR award.

So up until now, I’ve contented myself by gazing at the shiny Blog de Ouro, and trying to see my reflection in it. I’ve cocked my head to the left and right, flapped my wings in frenzy, and wiggled my tail in the most enticing manner – all of which must reflect on my vanity – but still no reflection.

I’m still reflecting on this….

Dolores Doolittle said...

You know, Canary, I Thought I saw something as I was Gazing at mine own gorgeousness - the Enticing Tail was specially splendid!

I didn't mean to leave this Fabulous Award as latest post for so long (Honest!), but have been otherwise engaged this weekend. It's going to have to surrender, though, Very Soon.

(I wonder what 'Ouro' means... Blog of an Unfortunate, or something)

PLEASE tell us about your awards, though.

Canary Islander said...

Like you Dolores, I’ve been puzzling over the word “OURO”. Perhaps it is something to do with the Euro (or with the word “Oro”, which is the Spanish for “Gold”). Maybe Jon knows the answer to this brain-teaser!

My 11 industry awards were all for computer software inventions. And they were my sweet riposte to my previous managing director for having forced my resignation. You can imagine my joy when I beat him into second place for the first two of my wins, after which he disappeared from the industry. Revenge is sweet – and I really do believe in the saying “Revenge is a dish that is best served cold”.

But you've won in a much better way - simply for being such a lovely writer, and for making us all happy in the process!

Expat with no awards said...

Hmmm. No industry awards, no golden blogs awards, no public accolades to speak of....

Oh, well.... (cue lots of sympathy and support here!!!)

Dolores Doolittle said...

Hi Expat & Canary

Good heavens, CI - Eleven awards to industry! I used to work in computer software but sadly, I don't think my programming efforts could be described as Inventions. (Just Fiendishly Clever)! ho ho

Expat - no accolades "to speak of" - therein lies the clue. All info about your amazing range of achievements has to be Extracted from you like teeth!

By the way, oh Modest Specimen, how are the books going?

Dolores Doolittle said...

I forgot - just googled OURO and it is Many Things, including a brazilian town called Black Gold AND a 'Silithid Sand Worm', (created by that Old God C'Thun).

That's my favourite...

Canary Islander said...

Expat – yes!
Canaries are simply Magical at supplying Sympathy and Support! We can eat seeds, sing, hop from one perch to another (we call it dancing), and fly. And we can even eat, sing, hop and fly whilst doing tons of sympathy and support! Just ask and I’ll be there for you!

Anyway, I think anyone who writes books and gets paid for it (!!!) is much wiser than me. And my ankles are in awe of your prowess with a hockey stick! And you are SUPER at solving riddles! (I’m still in awe at that). And sometimes I follow your forays into the political arena on My T and I’m mightily impressed by the feisty and knowledgeable way in which you dispatch your opponents! You are TERRIFIC! And you were the first person I really really liked on the Constance blog! You are definitely an Honorary Canary DE-LUX!

And I was madly jealous when you said “toot sweet” in one of your recent comments. I wanted to “bagsie” that phrase! ("toot sweet" is so canary!).

How’s that for starters? :-)

Canary Islander said...

Dolores - this is amazing! You worked as a programmer? What machines? Which languages? What kind of applications? Please tell more!!!

And Expat - you are freelance and do technical writing!

I'm getting more and more astonished at the parallels in our respective experiences. Three people, and all are "expats" (France/USA/Canary Islands) of one kind of another! And like you, Expat, I even held a US green card, albeit for only two years in the early 90's!

I'm wondering what other surprises may be uncovered in the future! (same places, same experiences, that sort of thing...).

Dolores Doolittle said...

Yes, Canary, in 1979 I joined the droves tempted by ubiquitous ads to join the Exciting New World of Computing.

Machine - think it began with 'B' and was as big as a house, with punched card reader that spurted your precious code all over the floor three times a week. Graduating to (unshared!) PC's & laptops.

Language - COBOL ending with ADABAS & something (long time since I stopped)

Applications - legal, insurance, personnel... How about you, specially your Inventions?

I loved it at first, but any skill I had was in Programming, which isn't Exciting for ever.
The work environment, though, was Terrific.

EXPAT - Writer, Traveller & Engineer (to name but seven of your hats), d'you look forward to precious moments of repose, or find another challenge?

Expat said...

I know absolutely nothing about the innards of my computer..hardware or I am in awe of anyone who understands this stuff! My stock reponse to any kind of problem is to shut down and count to ten..then call in the Geek Squad (a wonderful fix-it company).

Traveller? Yes, but usualy for work.I'm off to New jersey again on Sunday for a week and maybe...just maybe...I go to Florda in August, again for work.

The writing is not going well. Too much oher stuff has been going on recently. I have to knuckle down.

I'm not a qualified engineer, you know. I just write about engineering things.

I think being a grandma is my greatest achievement of all.

Dolores Doolittle said...

Expat - 'oo are you calling 'Geek'?! (right though)!

As always, your modesty overfloweth - the rest of us are Not fooled!

But, being a grandma must indeed be the most wondrous achievement. I'm always in awe of parents - such a NoEscape job if it's getting on your wick!

Canary Islander said...


I’m guessing that you worked on Burroughs machines. I started with ICT machines in 1965 (working with the PLAN and FORTRAN languages), and moved on to IBM machines when I joined a management consultancy in 1969 (working on a variety of COBOL and PL/1 applications).

My awards were in various competitions, starting in 1998, mostly sponsored by Royal Mail. They were for stuff like Name & Address Software, List and Database Software, Marketing Data Manipulation, and Staff Training Systems.

Sounds boring, but it wasn't for me. The best aspects were the amazing people I worked with, and the opportunities for travel that came with the work.

And now, I've four adult children, and (sob) not a grandchild in sight....

Dolores Doolittle said...

No, it was IBM - Knew there was a 'B' in there somewhere...

Congratulations again on the competition winning (I might have won one if we'd had one)! Doubtful, in fact.

kareljones said...
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