Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ode to a Fun Park

O for another Go on La Vienne Dynamique; another Plunge under Les Mers du Monde!

This week George and I were whisked by super-speedy TGV to Futuroscope – a land of astonishing experiences and startling sensations… A fabulous present from our lovely English Conversation Group.

We had in fact been once before – during the Dreadful Heatwave of ’49, when grown men melted and children were on School Holiday. It was a fester of hour-long queues for two minute rides. (I exaggerate a little).

This time we went on a balmy September term-time Tuesday – what a Joy! We were the only two getting off the train, we strolled across the bridge in gleaming sunshine, and the park was empty but for a woman on a gyroscope who appeared out of nowhere, keen to Be Of Assistance.

So many Experiences to choose from, so to start off we plumped for the nearest one and were transported to Patagonia, where all the Dinosaurs live. Pchaw to Jurassic Park – we were right there with them!

We left the cinema quivering with anticipation.

Did we choose the wrong exit? The gleaming sun had gone and we had emerged into a veritable Tempest. Hordes of people in hooded plastic macs (how did they know?) were being blown sideways along the maze of wide paths, their Visitor's Maps flapping soggily.

Still, we all grinned bravely at each other. Luckily George and I had brought bananas. And not-quite-waterproof hats. But who cared? The sun came back out, and by jumping up and down waving our arms about, we were almost able to dry off our outer layers.

We had a SPLENDID day. We "touched" weird creatures, sat next to 3D characters, were enveloped by gigantic land- and seascapes, had a wonderful gyratory view of the area from the top of a tower…

But the absolutely best of all the incredible rides for us was ‘La Vienne Dynamique’. You sit in huge plastic seats and cling to a safety bar. Then, perhaps like The Feelies in ‘Brave New World’, you share not 'every hair on the rug', but the experiences of a desperate bridegroom late for his wedding.

When he leans out of the train, your head gets blown off; when he falls down a hole, drives a racing car, smashes into things, gets sneezed on by goblins... SO DO YOU! (In a bizarrely exciting manner). We laughed out loud for the whole 21 minutes.

So, Thank you Enormously, Lovely English Conversation Group, for lavishing this wonderful experience upon us - it was Unforgettable!

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