Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ode to Winter

Good heavens, it's two months since I last blogged - why? No idea - just Stuff. And sloth...

Anyway, I'm inspired by the fact that the clocks go back tonight, and that this special time of year was celebrated by someone else this morning on Radio 4's Saturday Live - another person who prefers the winter - it was thrilling!

She, too, likes the freshness, the cosy dark evenings, the roaring fires, the comfy winter food. I wanted to marry this woman, I felt such an empathy. In fact, in my excitement I even emailed the programme (fruitlessly, but they sent a very nice acknowledgement and maybe they'll read it next week).

I love autumn for its colours and my birthday. I love winter for its beautiful skeletal trees and the respite from gardening, and the fact that I've just had a clear view of a squirrel bouncing joyously around our grass collecting nuts. (Although as George remarked, he was probably tired and hungry and thinking "Why do they never have pecans?")

Winter is so much more energising! You can wear big coats and strange hats and eat dumplings. You can dress up for Halloween parties, and make Guys and Bonfires and Rich Ginger Cake.

It's wonderful to take a hearty long walk, and to come at last upon the warm amber welcome of indoors from the freezing darkness of outdoors. Then to shut the shutters and snuggle down, revelling in your hot water bottle and box of Kleenex Extra Large Triple-Strength.

And spluttering,"Who's given me this bloody cold?"


farming-frenchstyle said...

Good to read your blog after 2 months.

I have to admit that after the summer it is nice to cosy-up in coats and hats, sit in front of the fire and finish work early before dark.

But I'm not looking forward to lambing in December/January/February/March or mucking out the cows when they come in - hopefully after christmas or the rain soaked days when you can't get dry or the weeks of having the shutters shut to keep the grey out and the warmth in. Apart from that winter's not so bad!

Crack on spring and summer.

Dolores Doolittle said...

Thanks for the comment, and I really sympathise with your winter workload.

As intermittent fans of The Archers, George and I have a Profound Knowledge of how much farmers do every day and are IN AWE of it!

Always finding emergency time to help someone in need before rushing home to build, shotblast,feed, milk, shear, plough or generally tend something...

When on earth do YOU listen to the Archers?! (Or does it make you wince - I'd love to know if it's realistic)!